Shoot To Kill

********** The odious and ignominious Wayne LaPierre should have just unzipped his pants, pulled out his limp, flaccid cock and pissed on the slaughtered children and their heroic guardians at Sandy Hook. Masquerading as a press conference with ideas to alleviate such horrors, LaPierre instead regurgitated the same bullshit the NRA always preached.  His words … Continue reading Shoot To Kill

Texas: United State Of Hate

In one of his many brilliant NEW RULES segments last year, Bill Maher stated (and I paraphrase), “Of course not all Republicans are racist – it would be stupid to say that. But if you are a racist, you’re probably Republican”. It was astoundingly simple and absolutely true. But the term RACIST could be interchanged … Continue reading Texas: United State Of Hate

Reel Life: Got Milk?

Yep! Finally, after vetoing it in the past, stating that slain San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk should be honored locally, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill recognizing May 22 (Milk's birthday) as "Harvey Milk Day" in the state of California.  This comes almost two months to the day after President Barack Obama posthumously awarded Milk … Continue reading Reel Life: Got Milk?

Dear God, Are You There? It’s Me, Jeffrey. Hello? Knock Knock!

Years ago, after the heinous Dr. Laura Schlessinger spewed her typical anti-gay rhetoric on the masses via her call-in radio show, an online “Dear Dr. Laura” letter was written inquiring about other biblical no-no's. The “Dr. Laura” was changed to “Dear President Bush” when George Jr. used gay marriage as a platform to rile the … Continue reading Dear God, Are You There? It’s Me, Jeffrey. Hello? Knock Knock!

Not Second Class Citizens

**** I could not be in Washington on this historic day but my spirit resides within  - and stands tall aside - the over 250K TRUE AMERICANS who marched together for the undeniable right to marry who they love. Fight on, my fellow TRUE AMERICANS. We WILL win - against the serrated homophobes entrenched in … Continue reading Not Second Class Citizens

Happy Birthday Uncle Abe, Darwinism and the Devolution of Me

(See below to 'devolve' yourself!) Yep, Abe Lincoln was/is my great, great, great gay/bisexual uncle, via marriage.  Don't laugh.  While I never researched the truth in that - the 'uncle' aspect, not the 'gay' facet - I figured why would my mother lie for all those years ago about my heritage?  I know, I know...with the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Uncle Abe, Darwinism and the Devolution of Me


"If there is anyone out there who still doubts that America is a place where all things are possible; who still wonders if the dream of our founders is alive in our time; who still questions the power of our democracy, tonight is your answer. "It's the answer told by lines that stretched around schools … Continue reading My New…OUR New…PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

Politico: Witchy-Poo

Ask my friend Joanne what my favorite word is and she'll instantly say, "Cunt!".  Well, maybe she wouldn't say it, but she'd know it and she'd be right.  I loathe political correctness and refuse to change my verbology to comfort the insecurities and uncomfortability of others.  That being said, this woman defines the word CUNT, with a capital C.U.N.T.~ … Continue reading Politico: Witchy-Poo