Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Having finally seen every major Oscar contender (hooray for Oscar screeners!) for the first time in years, I can now throw my proverbial hat into the imaginary ring and announce which films I would vote for - if a non-Academy member (you know, a peon!) like me actually had any say in the matter. (I … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Reel Life: Oscar 2013 – Honesty IS the Best Policy

As I start to sift through my Oscar screeners to watch the nominated films for this years Academy Awards  this weekend, I had a hearty chuckle at College Humor's "more accurate," alternative titles of the Best Pic nods. Biting, lovingly sardonic and, let's face it, honest wit, is at play here - the staff perfectly … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar 2013 – Honesty IS the Best Policy

Reel Life: Les Miserables

I’ve seen “Les Miserables” on Broadway probably a dozen times throughout its initial 16 year run and short revival. I was there the month when it opened, where I was privileged to hear Colm Wilkinson’s “Bring Him Home.” I saw country star Gary Morris later in the same Valjean role, singing with a precision, a … Continue reading Reel Life: Les Miserables

Legacy: Elizabeth Taylor, More Than Our National Violet

It was imminent, forthcoming really (too often, her near death experiences and hospital visits were the fodder for tabloid headlines and sickening TMZ-style sleazeball journalism all but proclaiming her demise) but it’s still a sad day in Hollywood and the world of cinema. I can say nothing that a thousand far superior writers can, have … Continue reading Legacy: Elizabeth Taylor, More Than Our National Violet

Reel Life: Got Milk?

Yep! Finally, after vetoing it in the past, stating that slain San Francisco Supervisor Harvey Milk should be honored locally, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill recognizing May 22 (Milk's birthday) as "Harvey Milk Day" in the state of California.  This comes almost two months to the day after President Barack Obama posthumously awarded Milk … Continue reading Reel Life: Got Milk?