Reel Life: Titanic II

I know, ever since it ingrained itself into the pop culture consciousness over a decade ago, that it's hip to hate James Cameron's great epic TITANIC, despite the fact that, flaws and all, it was exhilarating - visually, natch, but via the tremendous acting as well.  It's my opinion that Kate Winslet was robbed of … Continue reading Reel Life: Titanic II

Texas: United State Of Hate

In one of his many brilliant NEW RULES segments last year, Bill Maher stated (and I paraphrase), “Of course not all Republicans are racist – it would be stupid to say that. But if you are a racist, you’re probably Republican”. It was astoundingly simple and absolutely true. But the term RACIST could be interchanged … Continue reading Texas: United State Of Hate

Politico: Witchy-Poo

Ask my friend Joanne what my favorite word is and she'll instantly say, "Cunt!".  Well, maybe she wouldn't say it, but she'd know it and she'd be right.  I loathe political correctness and refuse to change my verbology to comfort the insecurities and uncomfortability of others.  That being said, this woman defines the word CUNT, with a capital C.U.N.T.~ … Continue reading Politico: Witchy-Poo