Music Box: Buju BYE BYE!!!

It's hard to believe that over 2 decades have passed since abominable Jamaican dancehall "artist" Buju Banton (whose real un-Jamaican name is Mark Anthony Myrie), then only fifteen years old, solidified his name in the Homophobe Hall Of Fame with his virulent and heinous ode to murdering gays, "Boom Bye Bye". Today, this hatemonger was … Continue reading Music Box: Buju BYE BYE!!!

Texas: United State Of Hate

In one of his many brilliant NEW RULES segments last year, Bill Maher stated (and I paraphrase), “Of course not all Republicans are racist – it would be stupid to say that. But if you are a racist, you’re probably Republican”. It was astoundingly simple and absolutely true. But the term RACIST could be interchanged … Continue reading Texas: United State Of Hate

Music Box: Regulate…G(ay) Funk Error

(via Towleroad) I'm not sure what's worse - Warren G's ignorant homphobia (in the vein of, "hey, some of my best friends are..."), his assault on the English language (not uncommon in this "thug culture" we've curiously embraced), or the fact that Vanity Fair has dedicated time and space on the thoughts of a one-maybe-two … Continue reading Music Box: Regulate…G(ay) Funk Error