Texas: United State Of Hate

In one of his many brilliant NEW RULES segments last year, Bill Maher stated (and I paraphrase), “Of course not all Republicans are racist – it would be stupid to say that. But if you are a racist, you’re probably Republican”. It was astoundingly simple and absolutely true.

But the term RACIST could be interchanged with HOMOPHOBIC, or the word HATEFUL, in general.

“Of course not all Republicans are HOMOPHOBIC. But if you are HOMOPHOBIC, you’re probably Republican.”

“Of course not all Republicans are HATEFUL. But if you are HATEFUL you’re probably Republican.”

I’ll give the Republican Party this – at least they’re BOLD with their hatred for their fellow countrymen. What irks me is COWARDICE. If you hate, then EMBRACE YOUR HATE, and stop the mendacity about NOT being filled with such hate. Reading through Texas’ 2010 STATE REPUBLICAN PARTY PLATFORM, you’ll find segments seeped with such vitriolic enmity. Yet, ask any Republican politician and they’d never admit such animosity. Cowards.

Once upon a time, hating your fellow man in politics was fringe-based – politicians weren’t so obvious. These past few years, it’s out in full force more powerfully than ever before.

If Texas Republicans have their way, we’ll have to rename America THE UNITED STATES OF HATE:


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