Shoot To Kill

Wayne LaPierre NY Daily NewsWayne LaPierre NY Post


The odious and ignominious Wayne LaPierre should have just unzipped his pants, pulled out his limp, flaccid cock and pissed on the slaughtered children and their heroic guardians at Sandy Hook.

Masquerading as a press conference with ideas to alleviate such horrors, LaPierre instead regurgitated the same bullshit the NRA always preached.  His words were detestable, his facts odious and his logic defined illogic. He’s a madman.

It’s infuriating, to say the least. But it’s a relief that the rest of the sane world all agrees that this man needs a straight jacket. Stat. When Conservative tabloid the NY Post calls you a loon, it’s time to start packing more than just an overnight bag.

The most stinging commentary of LaPierre’s debased logic came from Lawrence O’Donnell on his “Last Word” MSNBC show. Listen and observe the truth:

Oh, and let me be clear – I don’t believe in “banning guns” and do not want the 2nd Ammendment abolished. But the lackadaisical gun laws in this country are a monumental joke – it’s risible that it’s harder and more complex in this country to buy a house or a car than it is to purchase an AK-47. It’s a disgrace.

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