Music Box: He Bangs (Sorry Ladies)!

***** Latin/Pop Megastar, new father (and one of the sexiest men on the planet) Ricky Martin has finally shaken his bon bon's publicly, smashing his own personal glass closet, and proclaimed what most of the universe has already known for years... A few months ago I decided to write my memoirs, a project I knew … Continue reading Music Box: He Bangs (Sorry Ladies)!

Not Second Class Citizens

**** I could not be in Washington on this historic day but my spirit resides within  - and stands tall aside - the over 250K TRUE AMERICANS who marched together for the undeniable right to marry who they love. Fight on, my fellow TRUE AMERICANS. We WILL win - against the serrated homophobes entrenched in … Continue reading Not Second Class Citizens

Happy Birthday Uncle Abe, Darwinism and the Devolution of Me

(See below to 'devolve' yourself!) Yep, Abe Lincoln was/is my great, great, great gay/bisexual uncle, via marriage.  Don't laugh.  While I never researched the truth in that - the 'uncle' aspect, not the 'gay' facet - I figured why would my mother lie for all those years ago about my heritage?  I know, I know...with the … Continue reading Happy Birthday Uncle Abe, Darwinism and the Devolution of Me