My New Witchy-Poo

Ask my friend Joanne what my favorite word is and she’ll instantly say, “Cunt!”.  Well, maybe she wouldn’t say it, but she’d know it and she’d be right.  I loathe political correctness and refuse to change my verbology to comfort the insecurities and uncomfortability of others.  That being said, this woman defines the word CUNT, with a capital C.U.N.T.~



This succubus has a name, and it’s Shirley Nagel, from Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, and she is a shrew; an uneducated steaming pile of shit with the audacity to inflict her warped sense of self-righteousness onto the innocence and naivete of children, destroying their night of levity, frolicking and joy.  Who does she think she is?  

Of course she has every right (you remember ‘rights’, right?  Those are the things that have systematically been decimated these past 8 years by the American Taliban and what’s sure to continue if Nagel’s wishes come true) to vote and support who and how she wants to.  But to follow the path of the mendacious, repugnant, racist, fear-mongering McShame/Failin’ campaign is one thing – an adult choice.  To wreak it upon children is evil incarnate. 

Could you imagine the Hindenburg-like cries of the right-wing pundits if an Obama supporter did this same thing?  I could hear Rush Limbaugh (ironic, since Rush Limbaugh can’t even hear Rush Limbaugh these days) weeping indecipherably into his microphone about what sick minds liberals possess!  Bill O’Reilly would have an on-air breakdown (after sexually harassing yet another assistant.  Allegedly…)!  Monkey Michelle Malkin would attribute it to a Bill Ayers conspiracy or the evil underground Socialist uprising sure to come in an Obama presidency.

But the craziest thing of all?  This woman was a TEACHER!  And if you are to believe the comments from various posters, she was batshit crazy then, too.  One ‘former student’ says,

That bitch is nuttier than a fruitcake. She came to school one day with a necklace made of garlic trying to “ward of the darkness”. And the police had to escort her out of the school the day she got fired.

Another chimes in,

On top of the garlic necklace, she cursed out and was about to fight a 65 year old woman.
She came to work drunk all the time. Then there was a food fight and she got hit in the arm with a donut. Next day she came to work with a black eye and a sling saying she was gonna sue the school and she took like a month off, lmao.

I know, I know…who knows if these stories are true (you always have to be cautious of any commenter on blogs.  Not MINE, of course!)?  But it’s not far-fetched to believe that crazy is as crazy does.  I mean, it doesn’t bode well when a former-educator has the handwriting of Corky Thacher:



This retard could be your grandmother, although I DO smell a Republican Party VP nominee in her future!

A strongly advise Hansel & Gretel to stay away from Belanger Avenue next year.



  1. well, if those are the kinds of people that support mcCain – people who deny children candy on the best holiday ever- then I say – she can keep her candy and choke on a peanut m&m. Actually no, I’m sorry she can eat all that shit herself and die a slow artery clogged death. Everyone has a choice.

    sincerely ,

    tha cork

  2. First, her mask really scared the shit out of me!
    Second, just another reason why I’m PRO CHOICE!
    & finally C U Next Tuesday at the voting booth Biotch!


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