Not Second Class Citizens


I could not be in Washington on this historic day but my spirit resides within  – and stands tall aside – the over 250K TRUE AMERICANS who marched together for the undeniable right to marry who they love.

Fight on, my fellow TRUE AMERICANS. We WILL win – against the serrated homophobes entrenched in their own vitriol; against the vile hatred of the demagogue’s on the right (and left); against the true ANTI-AMERICANS who don’t believe in justice and equality for all and who mangle and twist history and truth for their own evil schema; against the religious zealots who claim to know what their God is thinking, by transcribing ancient scrolls written thousands of years ago, encapsulated within 10 Commandments that not only do NOT mention homosexuality, but whose very existence is negated by the fact that the majority of humans have broken them, ten-thousandfold (it’s nice to know that if I AM going to a place called ‘hell’ for being gay, I’ll be in the company of every man and woman who has ever said “Goddamn it”. That’s the very first of these commandments).

Marriage equality WILL be realized, if not today, perhaps tomorrow – perchance next week, next year or the year after that. But we will win. Equality will happen. We will victor against those Bible-thumpers who claim it is God Himself who is against us, conveniently forgetting that in that same book they reference and hold up to the heavens in phony self-righteousness, slavery is sanctioned, eating shellfish is an abomination, and working on the Sabbath is punishable by death.

It was Noah Webster who added the term “man and woman” to the definition of “marriage”, thereby changing the course of history by invoking Biblical invocations to alter what was historically never gender-specific.  Logically and humanely, by 2009, every major English dictionary either changed such specifications, or added secondary supplements to reinstate the original definition.


How apropos that this march on Washington falls on National Coming Out day. If every gay man and woman were brave enough to step out of their dark, dank, scary little closets then conceivably these equal rights marches would become obsolete. And, just think of the mammoth effect/affect if, even for one single day, every LGBT man or woman would go on strike – stop working for a single day! Not only would the American economy come to (that oft-used cliché) a screeching halt, but the military would fall to pieces and Washington would cease to function.

Such a mammoth undertaking might seem naive or far-reaching or an ideal too prodigious to attempt.  I understand, but it would only help to hammer the inalienable fact that WE ARE NOT SECOND CLASS CITIZENS!

Marriage equality WILL be realized, if not today, perhaps tomorrow – perchance next week, next year or the year after that. But we will win. Equality will happen.

Equality will happen.


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