Reel Life: “Cats” Without Claws

How you feel about a movie version of Cats is probably dependent on whether or not you enjoyed Cats on Broadway (or on any stage). I was indifferent; I wasn't completely immune to its certain charms (the otherworldly Betty Buckley’s incandescent performance, to be precise), despite the flimsiness of the score, sets and costumes. So, … Continue reading Reel Life: “Cats” Without Claws

Reel Life: Oscar Screener Roundup

I'm not writing full reviews, or writing about, every Oscar Screener I've seen. Just some notes I've jotted down after watching these particular films. Better writers and critics have better blogs and reviews than I'll ever muster up the time for. Roma is a rhapsody, really. A haunting beauty of an experience. It is both … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar Screener Roundup

Reel Life: Bohemian Rhapsody – Radio Ca Ca

Bohemian Rhapsody is another one of those anomalies where a perfectly awful film gets saved by an incredible performance (much like last year’s Three Billboards and Frances McDormand) - the remarkable Rami Malek never falls into the trap of mimicry, which would be easy to do in lesser hands, considering Freddie Mercury’s larger-than-the-universe persona, rather … Continue reading Reel Life: Bohemian Rhapsody – Radio Ca Ca

Reel Life: The Last 5 Years

I know - I shouldn't be so highfalutin because they are totally different organisms - but I'm always a little weary about film versions of beloved musicals not living up to expectations (see Les Miz, Hairspray, The Wiz, the Beyonce-ruined Dreamgirls, and so on). So I'm naturally skeptical about the upcoming The Last Five Years, the film … Continue reading Reel Life: The Last 5 Years

Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It

Image courtesy The uproar was and remains as ludicrous as it was and remains deafening – no sooner had the announcement been made did the blogosphere, and most dubiously, Twitter and Facebook, rain a firestorm of resentment, disgust, humour, shock and actual concern with such ridiculous exaggerated abandon you would think that Brett Ratner … Continue reading Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It

Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Having finally seen every major Oscar contender (hooray for Oscar screeners!) for the first time in years, I can now throw my proverbial hat into the imaginary ring and announce which films I would vote for - if a non-Academy member (you know, a peon!) like me actually had any say in the matter. (I … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Reel Life: Oscar 2013 – Honesty IS the Best Policy

As I start to sift through my Oscar screeners to watch the nominated films for this years Academy Awards  this weekend, I had a hearty chuckle at College Humor's "more accurate," alternative titles of the Best Pic nods. Biting, lovingly sardonic and, let's face it, honest wit, is at play here - the staff perfectly … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar 2013 – Honesty IS the Best Policy

Reel Life: Les Miserables

I’ve seen “Les Miserables” on Broadway probably a dozen times throughout its initial 16 year run and short revival. I was there the month when it opened, where I was privileged to hear Colm Wilkinson’s “Bring Him Home.” I saw country star Gary Morris later in the same Valjean role, singing with a precision, a … Continue reading Reel Life: Les Miserables

Reel Life: I Love Rock ‘N Roll (But…)

Believe it or not, I never saw the Broadway show the film is based on, which was wildly entertaining, according to my friends who actually did see it and whose opinions matter to me. It sounds like pure camp-heaven, so eventually I’ll get off my highfalutin horse and stroll on over to the Helen Hayes … Continue reading Reel Life: I Love Rock ‘N Roll (But…)

Legacy: Elizabeth Taylor, More Than Our National Violet

It was imminent, forthcoming really (too often, her near death experiences and hospital visits were the fodder for tabloid headlines and sickening TMZ-style sleazeball journalism all but proclaiming her demise) but it’s still a sad day in Hollywood and the world of cinema. I can say nothing that a thousand far superior writers can, have … Continue reading Legacy: Elizabeth Taylor, More Than Our National Violet