Reel Life: “Cats” Without Claws

How you feel about a movie version of Cats is probably dependent on whether or not you enjoyed Cats on Broadway (or on any stage). I was indifferent; I wasn't completely immune to its certain charms (the otherworldly Betty Buckley’s incandescent performance, to be precise), despite the flimsiness of the score, sets and costumes. So, … Continue reading Reel Life: “Cats” Without Claws

Broadway Baby: The 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number -“Bigger” is Best

If we're lucky homo sapiens, every few years a splendid anomaly occurs in the usually vapid space-time continuum of television awards shows that negates the basic dreary tropes and widens eyes with something that is, if you’ll excuse the cliché, purely magical. The last time we were borne witnesses to such a thrilling spectacle was … Continue reading Broadway Baby: The 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number -“Bigger” is Best

Music Box: Nobody Beats “The Wiz”

Too many changes pissed me off: Ne-Yo is curious enough, but Ne-Yo writing an original song FOR this? Ugh. Removing “I Was Born On The Day Before Yesterday” and replacing it with a song not even good enough to make the cut of the dreadful movie version, called “You Can’t Win”? Feh. (Though, I do … Continue reading Music Box: Nobody Beats “The Wiz”

Music Box: Hamilton the Musical – History Is Happening In Manhattan

I'm dazed. Literally. I first saw the off-Broadway production back in February, at the Public, as a birthday present to myself. It was a staggering achievement then, but even more so now. Every so often a work of art descends upon us from the heavens, via the musical theater gods - so breathtaking, towering in … Continue reading Music Box: Hamilton the Musical – History Is Happening In Manhattan

Music Box: Ramin Karimloo, Bring It Home!

I've seen "Les Miserables" countless times on Broadway since its opening back in 1987, with various actors playing Jean Valjean. I saw the brilliant Colm Wilkison twice during his original run, and his replacement, the great Gary Morris - yes the Country singer - who was outstanding in a complete 180 of his usual metier. … Continue reading Music Box: Ramin Karimloo, Bring It Home!

Music Box: Buckley’s Boulevard

I saw Glenn Close as Norma Desmond in the original Broadway production of Andrew Lloyd Weber's flawed, overtly dismal SUNSET BOULEVARD the week it opened back in November 1994, and, despite her suspicious Tony Award win, it was not a very good performance (I saw her twice in the role just to verify/refute my initial … Continue reading Music Box: Buckley’s Boulevard

Music Box: Levi’s Million Dollar Charm

**** Went to see the Tony-nominated Best Musical MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET last night, thanks to a co-worker’s extra ticket. It wasn’t a perfect production, but it was enjoyable on the jukebox musical genre level that’s sadly permeated Broadway in recent years. A semi-fictionalized account based on the iconic photo of Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley, Johnny … Continue reading Music Box: Levi’s Million Dollar Charm