Legacy: Drive Safely Home, Ric Ocasek

Ric Ocasek has passed away and another legend has left this realm to jam in Rock N Roll heaven. He was 75. I once had a brief conversation with Ocasek back in the early-1990s, about a decade or so after the video for “Drive” was an MTV ubiquity, and after the song itself had become … Continue reading Legacy: Drive Safely Home, Ric Ocasek

Legacy: Adam, on his 41st Birthday

Adam, at my Bay Ridge Parkway Apartment, 1994 (I wrote this in 2012 for Adam's 34th birthday, upon discovering that he had died a few years prior, never having the chance to say goodbye. I've removed older post when reconfiguring MyNewBoyfriend, but decided to continue with these, for Adam...) Adam Forgetta and I met 18 … Continue reading Legacy: Adam, on his 41st Birthday

Legacy: Donna Summer – Last Dance

Donna Summer art courtesy the great Alvaro Arts May 17 2012 - the death of one of the great voices of the past 5 decades was silenced by cancer and I was absolutely heartbroken. When she passed, it was a total shock because her illness wasn’t public knowledge. Donna Summer was one of my musical … Continue reading Legacy: Donna Summer – Last Dance

Legacy: RIP James Ingram

Buttered Soul Pop is how I once described his emotional, sweet, passionate baritone voice...and now it - one of my favorite vocalists - is silenced at 66. Rest peacefully, James Ingram. Here he is in 1981 on "Soul Train" singing one of his (many) signature songs (and one of my eternal favorites), "Just Once." Yes, … Continue reading Legacy: RIP James Ingram

Legacy: Jerry Orbach – We’ll Always Remember

Jerry Orbach photo courtesy Masterworks Broadway Of course we all loved him as Lennie Briscoe on Law & Order, a role he played for 12 years before succumbing to prostate cancer. But many of us, who are old enough, have loved Jerry Orbach for years prior, whether as a leading song-and-dance man on Broadway (he … Continue reading Legacy: Jerry Orbach – We’ll Always Remember

Legacy: George Michael – The Grave

Remembering him on the second anniversary of George Michael’s too-early death, here’s his haunting version of Don McLean’s “The Grave.” Originally released on McLean’s 1971 landmark album, American Pie, Michael recorded the song in February 2003, as a protest to the imminent invasion of Iraq. McLean wrote it as a Vietnam protest song. After hearing … Continue reading Legacy: George Michael – The Grave

Legacy: The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen, Aretha!

Aretha, at home in New York by Moneta Sleet Jr. 1974 Smarter, far more eloquent people than I will write smarter, far more eloquent tributes to Aretha Franklin than I'll ever be able to, but anyone who knows me knows what her voice and her music has meant to me my whole life. To say … Continue reading Legacy: The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen, Aretha!