Legacy: Adam West

As an adult, it’s easy to poke fun at the cheesiness of Adam West and the original “Batman” TV show - after all, I doubt the show took itself seriously; it reveled in its kitschiness. But for millions of adult men and women, West’s tongue-in-cheek portrayal (of a far-darker original source material) remains comfort food, … Continue reading Legacy: Adam West

Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It

Image courtesy Movieweb.com The uproar was and remains as ludicrous as it was and remains deafening – no sooner had the announcement been made did the blogosphere, and most dubiously, Twitter and Facebook, rain a firestorm of resentment, disgust, humour, shock and actual concern with such ridiculous exaggerated abandon you would think that Brett Ratner … Continue reading Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It