Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It

Image courtesy The uproar was and remains as ludicrous as it was and remains deafening – no sooner had the announcement been made did the blogosphere, and most dubiously, Twitter and Facebook, rain a firestorm of resentment, disgust, humour, shock and actual concern with such ridiculous exaggerated abandon you would think that Brett Ratner … Continue reading Reel Life: Ben Affleck as Batman – Get Over It

Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!

Having finally seen every major Oscar contender (hooray for Oscar screeners!) for the first time in years, I can now throw my proverbial hat into the imaginary ring and announce which films I would vote for - if a non-Academy member (you know, a peon!) like me actually had any say in the matter. (I … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar, Oscar, Oscar!