Reel Life: Oscar Screener Roundup

I'm not writing full reviews, or writing about, every Oscar Screener I've seen. Just some notes I've jotted down after watching these particular films. Better writers and critics have better blogs and reviews than I'll ever muster up the time for. Roma is a rhapsody, really. A haunting beauty of an experience. It is both … Continue reading Reel Life: Oscar Screener Roundup

Music Box Report Card: My Favorite CDs of 2011

(Hey, I'm my own worst editor, so beware my pontificating. If you wanna edit me pro bono, I'm all ears. Call me.) Though my lack of writing of late has more to do with my ADD than it does with any laziness to share my opinion (something I rarely have any problem with), it’s hard … Continue reading Music Box Report Card: My Favorite CDs of 2011

Music Box: Born THAT Way

I've been known - much to the chagrin of many of my Little Monster friends - to handily and mercilessly knock Lady Gaga at every whim. Perusing online, I've come across countless times my exaggerated disgust for her machinations resulted in comments curious of her longevity.  Well, something funny happened during the course of 2010. … Continue reading Music Box: Born THAT Way

Idiot Box: MTV VMyAwn…

***** I watch music videos for a living. While that’s generalizing and simplifying the exact context of my work, it’s the bottom line. So while I can dispute the winners of last night’s MTV Video Music Awards with a flair of knowledge, it’s best to understand that to argue is a moot point. The “best” … Continue reading Idiot Box: MTV VMyAwn…