Broadway Baby: The 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number -“Bigger” is Best

If we're lucky homo sapiens, every few years a splendid anomaly occurs in the usually vapid space-time continuum of television awards shows that negates the basic dreary tropes and widens eyes with something that is, if you’ll excuse the cliché, purely magical. The last time we were borne witnesses to such a thrilling spectacle was … Continue reading Broadway Baby: The 2013 Tony Awards Opening Number -“Bigger” is Best

Idiot Box: HBOs Chernobyl was Great TV

Chernobyl, HBOs latest limited series, was this years most riveting, and harrowing, drama. It is also one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever witnessed. It captures the hideousness in fascinating, gruesome detail, and the absolute catastrophic aftermath of the accident, in the Ukraine and on the earth herself, both physically and mentally (the astonishing … Continue reading Idiot Box: HBOs Chernobyl was Great TV

Legacy: Adam West

As an adult, it’s easy to poke fun at the cheesiness of Adam West and the original “Batman” TV show - after all, I doubt the show took itself seriously; it reveled in its kitschiness. But for millions of adult men and women, West’s tongue-in-cheek portrayal (of a far-darker original source material) remains comfort food, … Continue reading Legacy: Adam West

Legacy: Casey Kasem

More than 500 Sunday mornings of my pre-to-teen years were spent with my ears glued to the radio from 8am-12pm listening to Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It was a weekly ritual; while my mother and sisters were downstairs in the kitchen starting Sunday's afternoon dinner (the scent of sausages frying in the pan wafted … Continue reading Legacy: Casey Kasem

Idiot Box: Wendy Williams – The Greatest Farce Of All

Sorry, I ain't buying Wendy Williams' spurious bullshit. Making Whitney's death all about her is tacky enough, but this is the woman who was relentless on outing Houston and her best friend Robyn as lesbians back in her radio days. She's been an interminable bully for years - to Whitney and various other celebrities - … Continue reading Idiot Box: Wendy Williams – The Greatest Farce Of All

Idiot Box: Slash & Burn

I know, I know - Rock N Roll squabbles are frivolous in the great spectrum of life. But sometimes supercilious remarks by a musician way past his prime just irks the hell out of me. Case in point: Slash Vs. GLEE. Seriously. In a recent interview with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the former Guns N Roses guitarist … Continue reading Idiot Box: Slash & Burn

Music Box: The Star Spangled Blunder

  So much hullabaloo online today regarding Christina Aguilera’s Super Bowl rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”. You'da thunk she gave the middle finger to the President or took a shit on the Constitution (what, she’s not a Tea Bagger or the previous President’s administration!). As someone who loathes Aguilera's usual sonic assault on the … Continue reading Music Box: The Star Spangled Blunder