Reel Life: Titanic II

I know, ever since it ingrained itself into the pop culture consciousness over a decade ago, that it’s hip to hate James Cameron’s great epic TITANIC, despite the fact that, flaws and all, it was exhilarating – visually, natch, but via the tremendous acting as well.  It’s my opinion that Kate Winslet was robbed of her first Oscar by Helen Hunt’s annoying tics in the overrated TV Movie Of The Week AS GOOD AS IT GETS. And, as Roger Ebert said, “Leonardo DiCaprio not getting nominated for TITANIC is like Clark Gable not getting nominated for GONE WITH THE WIND“.  True dat, Rog.

I say, in the nicest way possible, screw you! You’re all liars. TITANIC is a fantastic epic for the ages. But, I digress.

I CAN and WILL say, though the wannabe critic in me is telling me not to, that I will more than likely, indubitably HATE this. Easily. No questions asked.

Unprofessional? Sure. But only if I was paid for my analysis.


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