Music Box: Idina Menzel Live At Radio City Music Hall

Idina Menzel lives in a musical kingdom where she rules as the Queen and her uber-fans are of many facets – her disciples, her defenders, her watchdogs, her court jesters, and her steadfastly dedicated army. Dare, if you will, to publicly state that the Emperor has no clothes, and you will be harangued, and scolded, … Continue reading Music Box: Idina Menzel Live At Radio City Music Hall

Idiot Box: Slash & Burn

I know, I know - Rock N Roll squabbles are frivolous in the great spectrum of life. But sometimes supercilious remarks by a musician way past his prime just irks the hell out of me. Case in point: Slash Vs. GLEE. Seriously. In a recent interview with ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, the former Guns N Roses guitarist … Continue reading Idiot Box: Slash & Burn

Idiot Box: Bully

(update: photo added 11.10.10) ***** I love GLEE, of course, but I don’t often write about it here on my blog. Usually, I save it for the character-limited posting on Facebook, but tonight’s episode was worth pondering. This week’s episode finally addressed bullying, so prevalent in the modern consciousness due to the recent tragic suicides … Continue reading Idiot Box: Bully

Idiot Box: It’s Brittany, Bitch!

On the NY Times home page today, photographer Todd Heisler gives us a behind-the-scenes slideshow of the upcoming season of GLEE with 21 stunning photos of the cast and crew on the set. Here's one of Heather Morris on a break, cycling around the studio lot: For the rest of the photos, click HERE. The … Continue reading Idiot Box: It’s Brittany, Bitch!

Idiot Box: I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal

***** Lest anyone think I’m an aging (yes) prude (no), I pride myself with being edgy. Okay, perhaps “edgy” is hyperbole. But, my motto, years ago, was “I was politically incorrect when political incorrectness wasn’t cool”. Seriously. Not catchy, I know, but true. Then why do I feel like this photo (in the latest Rolling … Continue reading Idiot Box: I Wanna Fuck You Like An Animal

Might As Well JUMP (the Shark?)!

As an unabashedly proud, die hard GLEEK, the news that Ryan Murphy, creator and head honcho of GLEE, would be mounting a Broadway musical based on the show, should be a cause for jubilation. But why do I feel a wee unsettled?  GLEE has saturated the Pop Culture landscape, and I'm not sure how far … Continue reading Might As Well JUMP (the Shark?)!

Reasons To Be GLEEful

Some quick thoughts on this year's Emmy Awards nominations. With 19 nods, TVs latest phenom, the enchanting wunderkind GLEE leads the pack at this years Emmy race, and as an unabashedly proud GLEEK, I couldn’t be happier (only HBOs miniseries THE PACIFIC garnered more noms - twenty-four!!!) Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison were shoo-ins for … Continue reading Reasons To Be GLEEful