Idiot Box: HBOs Chernobyl was Great TV

Chernobyl, HBOs latest limited series, was this years most riveting, and harrowing, drama. It is also one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever witnessed. It captures the hideousness in fascinating, gruesome detail, and the absolute catastrophic aftermath of the accident, in the Ukraine and on the earth herself, both physically and mentally (the astonishing makeup in episode 3 resulted in loud audible gasps, and left Rob and me shaking in horror).

It was brilliantly directed by Johan Renck (an in-demand music video director, who recently directed the late, great David Bowie’s final two gorgeous videos, “Lazarus,” and “Blackstar”), and the cast – which includes the always excellent Jared Harris (marvelous more recently in AMCs supernatural/horror miniseries “The Terror”), the always reliable Stellan Skarsgard, and the great Emily Watson – were all superb. The art direction and cinematography are spectacular (it is visually stunning, both beautiful and grotesque).

And it aired just in time for the eligibility for this year’s Emmy Awards, for which, one would surmise, it will be heaped with plenty of nominations.

See it now to understand the Emmy hype about to come.

Official Trailer for HBOs great “Chernobyl”

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