Legacy: Happy Birthday, Barbara Jean

...this song was written for my mother on July 24, 1984 (but I dedicate it to all mothers - and I will post this for as long as this blog remains active). When she died in 1993, I looked at it again and remembered a brief conversation she and I had, shortly before her passing...about … Continue reading Legacy: Happy Birthday, Barbara Jean


Legacy: For Adam, On His 37th Birthday

  (I wrote this in 2012 for Adam's 34th birthday, upon discovering that he had died a few years prior, never having the chance to say goodbye. I'll repost this annually for as long as this blog exists...) ***** Adam and I met 18 years ago during a brisk and stinging winter morning. It sounds … Continue reading Legacy: For Adam, On His 37th Birthday

Legacy: Joan Rivers, Exit Laughing

  If there was a god, it's apparent that he/she has no sense of humor. Still recovering from the loss of comic god Robin Williams only three weeks ago, another comedy giant has left the building. Joan Rivers is gone. After a routine throat procedure, she stopped breathing and was taken to Mount Sinai hospital. … Continue reading Legacy: Joan Rivers, Exit Laughing

Legacy: Casey Kasem

More than 500 Sunday mornings of my pre-to-teen years were spent with my ears glued to the radio from 8am-12pm listening to Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It was a weekly ritual; while my mother and sisters were downstairs in the kitchen starting Sunday's afternoon dinner (the scent of sausages frying in the pan wafted … Continue reading Legacy: Casey Kasem

Legacy: Jimmy Scott, The Voice of an Angel 1925 – 2014

"The Voice Of An Angel" has become such an insipid cliche that it surpasses pure ludicrousness. But, if heaven actually existed (yeah, yeah, I know), and if there were such entities as angels, and if those angels were actually able to bless us in song, I always hoped that they would sound like Jimmy Scott. … Continue reading Legacy: Jimmy Scott, The Voice of an Angel 1925 – 2014

Legacy: Phoebe Snow 1950 – 2011

As a pre-teen gay boy, I was entrenched in my own world. At 10 or 11 years old, I had one of those little portable transistor radios (the ones with the plastic strap to hang from your wrist or bicycle bars) that I slept with under my pillow, where I can escape a confused, but … Continue reading Legacy: Phoebe Snow 1950 – 2011