Legacy: Drive Safely Home, Ric Ocasek

Ric Ocasek has passed away and another legend has left this realm to jam in Rock N Roll heaven. He was 75. I once had a brief conversation with Ocasek back in the early-1990s, about a decade or so after the video for “Drive” was an MTV ubiquity, and after the song itself had become … Continue reading Legacy: Drive Safely Home, Ric Ocasek

Legacy: Adam, on his 41st Birthday

Adam, at my Bay Ridge Parkway Apartment, 1994 (I wrote this in 2012 for Adam's 34th birthday, upon discovering that he had died a few years prior, never having the chance to say goodbye. I've removed older post when reconfiguring MyNewBoyfriend, but decided to continue with these, for Adam...) Adam Forgetta and I met 18 … Continue reading Legacy: Adam, on his 41st Birthday

Legacy: RIP James Ingram

Buttered Soul Pop is how I once described his emotional, sweet, passionate baritone voice...and now it - one of my favorite vocalists - is silenced at 66. Rest peacefully, James Ingram. Here he is in 1981 on "Soul Train" singing one of his (many) signature songs (and one of my eternal favorites), "Just Once." Yes, … Continue reading Legacy: RIP James Ingram

Legacy: Joan Rivers, Exit Laughing

If there was a god, it's apparent that he/she has no sense of humor. Still recovering from the loss of comic god Robin Williams only three weeks ago, another comedy giant has left the building. Joan Rivers is gone. After a routine throat procedure, she stopped breathing and was taken to Mount Sinai hospital. After … Continue reading Legacy: Joan Rivers, Exit Laughing

Legacy: Casey Kasem

More than 500 Sunday mornings of my pre-to-teen years were spent with my ears glued to the radio from 8am-12pm listening to Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It was a weekly ritual; while my mother and sisters were downstairs in the kitchen starting Sunday's afternoon dinner (the scent of sausages frying in the pan wafted … Continue reading Legacy: Casey Kasem

Legacy: Richie Havens

********** Another master has walked through the gates of Rock n Roll heaven. Richie Havens, who came to prominence as the opening act of the Woodstock Festival (though a seminal force of the 60s folk music scene) has left us. He wasn't a household name as the years progressed, but should have been. The gruff, … Continue reading Legacy: Richie Havens

Legacy: TCM Remembers 2012

A few weeks ago, TCM started airing it's annual display of bittersweet beauty in remembering those who have left us from the world of cinema (they posted the tribute on their official YouTube page on December 10, weeks before greats like Jack Klugman and Charles Durning recently left this life). As with every year, there … Continue reading Legacy: TCM Remembers 2012