Viacom Dios, My Darlings

How does one leave a job after years and years - whether by choice, victim of circumstance, company restructuring or - as was my department’s case - outsourcing to Poland - and not break down into tears? Especially when parting from coworkers who became my friends and my extended family? Easy answer - one doesn’t. … Continue reading Viacom Dios, My Darlings

Legacy: The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen, Aretha!

Aretha, at home in New York by Moneta Sleet Jr. 1974 Smarter, far more eloquent people than I will write smarter, far more eloquent tributes to Aretha Franklin than I'll ever be able to, but anyone who knows me knows what her voice and her music has meant to me my whole life. To say … Continue reading Legacy: The Queen Is Dead. Long Live The Queen, Aretha!

Legacy: Adam West

As an adult, it’s easy to poke fun at the cheesiness of Adam West and the original “Batman” TV show - after all, I doubt the show took itself seriously; it reveled in its kitschiness. But for millions of adult men and women, West’s tongue-in-cheek portrayal (of a far-darker original source material) remains comfort food, … Continue reading Legacy: Adam West

Music Box: The Queen of Soul-pra

In 1998, twenty-two minutes after she was asked to cover for her ailing friend, Luciano Pavarotti, Aretha Franklin walked on stage at the Grammy Awards to perform the legendary aria “Nessun Dorma." With little time to prepare Franklin performed the aria as is. In Pavarotti's key. No one knew what to expect. No one knew … Continue reading Music Box: The Queen of Soul-pra

Music Box: Nobody Beats “The Wiz”

Too many changes pissed me off: Ne-Yo is curious enough, but Ne-Yo writing an original song FOR this? Ugh. Removing “I Was Born On The Day Before Yesterday” and replacing it with a song not even good enough to make the cut of the dreadful movie version, called “You Can’t Win”? Feh. (Though, I do … Continue reading Music Box: Nobody Beats “The Wiz”

Music Box: Hamilton the Musical – History Is Happening In Manhattan

I'm dazed. Literally. I first saw the off-Broadway production back in February, at the Public, as a birthday present to myself. It was a staggering achievement then, but even more so now. Every so often a work of art descends upon us from the heavens, via the musical theater gods - so breathtaking, towering in … Continue reading Music Box: Hamilton the Musical – History Is Happening In Manhattan