Legacy: Elaine Stritch Everybody Rise!

How do you mourn a legend who’s lived more than you and me combined? At the ripe old age of 89, the great Elaine Stritch has taken her final bows. To see her in a show was to expect the expected AND unexpected, and to bear witness Broadway royalty non pareil. I'm thrilled, delighted, and … Continue reading Legacy: Elaine Stritch Everybody Rise!

Music Box: The Ladies Who Lunch Medley

“A BED AND A CHAIR: A New York Love Affair” was a Stephen Sondheim compilation presented by New York City Center and Jazz At At Lincoln Center, and as longtime Sondheimite, I’m sad to say I missed what promised to be a glorious night at the theater. Another Sondheim revue, you say? Yeah, I know. … Continue reading Music Box: The Ladies Who Lunch Medley