Legacy: Casey Kasem

More than 500 Sunday mornings of my pre-to-teen years were spent with my ears glued to the radio from 8am-12pm listening to Casey Kasem's American Top 40. It was a weekly ritual; while my mother and sisters were downstairs in the kitchen starting Sunday's afternoon dinner (the scent of sausages frying in the pan wafted … Continue reading Legacy: Casey Kasem


Legacy: Jimmy Scott, The Voice of an Angel 1925 – 2014

"The Voice Of An Angel" has become such an insipid cliche that it surpasses pure ludicrousness. But, if heaven actually existed (yeah, yeah, I know), and if there were such entities as angels, and if those angels were actually able to bless us in song, I always hoped that they would sound like Jimmy Scott. … Continue reading Legacy: Jimmy Scott, The Voice of an Angel 1925 – 2014

Legacy: Phil Everly – Bye Bye, Love

Their perfect harmony nonpareil, their catalog too mammoth to fully convey, Don and Phil Everly - The Everly Brothers - created some of the most gorgeous and ubiquitous recordings in the annals of Rock N Roll. I mean, Bye Bye Love, All I Have To Do Is Dream, When Will I Be Loved, Cathy's Clown, … Continue reading Legacy: Phil Everly – Bye Bye, Love

Music Box: Merry Nicksmas!!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year to all the Chiffonheads in all the lands, no matter how you observe the holidays. As Stevie brings us tidings of great comfort and joy every day of every year, I wish the same for you and your loved ones. And, Stand Back, 2013 - because, For What … Continue reading Music Box: Merry Nicksmas!!!!

Music Box: Stevie Nicks – Wild Thing

In a short 1981 interview, Stevie waxes philosophic about her guest appearances during Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers' 1981 tour, and the magic of music television. Ah, remember those days... (PS - the audio during this interview was recorded extremely poorly - a sign of the times for the then-fledgling TV network. I tried to … Continue reading Music Box: Stevie Nicks – Wild Thing

Music Box: The Ladies Who Lunch Medley

“A BED AND A CHAIR: A New York Love Affair” was a Stephen Sondheim compilation presented by New York City Center and Jazz At At Lincoln Center, and as longtime Sondheimite, I’m sad to say I missed what promised to be a glorious night at the theater. Another Sondheim revue, you say? Yeah, I know. … Continue reading Music Box: The Ladies Who Lunch Medley

Music Box: Alex Newell “If I Were A Boy”

[youtube+http://youtu.be/UPF6JUsB1r4]   Once upon a time, GLEE was one of the most magical of all TV shows - the past two to three years it has sadly not only declined, but has dwindled to a steaming pile of shit. But, if you dig hard enough, even in that shit you might find a diamond. This … Continue reading Music Box: Alex Newell “If I Were A Boy”