Music Box: Madame Zzz

Madonna - Medellin & I Rise Staunch defender of her previous two releases (MDNA and Rebel Heart), I am supremely underwhelmed with the two songs released from Madame X, Madonna's upcoming new album. The saturation of autotune aside, both tracks lay flat, delivering none of the Madonna mastery I'm used to: songcraft. "Medellin" is breezy … Continue reading Music Box: Madame Zzz

Music Box Report Card: 2012’s Baker’s Dozen vs. Dirty Dozen

Without much commentary (these aren't full reviews, after all, rather succinct/impetuous - depending on who you ask - musings), I'm always loathe to list my favorites in any particular order - I've lived with each of these albums more than any other throughout the year, so it's hard to commit to such a limited inventory. … Continue reading Music Box Report Card: 2012’s Baker’s Dozen vs. Dirty Dozen

Music Box: Born THAT Way

I've been known - much to the chagrin of many of my Little Monster friends - to handily and mercilessly knock Lady Gaga at every whim. Perusing online, I've come across countless times my exaggerated disgust for her machinations resulted in comments curious of her longevity.  Well, something funny happened during the course of 2010. … Continue reading Music Box: Born THAT Way