I Wanna F*** You Like An Animal



Lest anyone think I’m an aging (yes) prude (no), I pride myself with being edgy. Okay, perhaps “edgy” is hyperbole. But, my motto, years ago, was “I was politically incorrect when political incorrectness wasn’t cool”. Seriously. Not catchy, I know, but true.

Then why do I feel like this photo (in the latest Rolling Stones Fall TV issue) teeters more toward total inappropriate bad taste than witty satire?

Could it be because the photo depicts NOT Chris Colfer, the 20 year-old GLEE star (still underage in most states), but of Kurt Hummel – the 16 year-old High School sophomore, sitting in a gay leather bar, surrounded by muscular, hairy (and gorgeous) men, drinking a Green Apple Martini (should that be capitalized?), frightfully (anxiously?) awaiting to be gang-banged. It’s  a little unsettling.

One wouldn’t be incorrect to state that it perpetuates the sickeningly mendacious negative stereotype of gay-man-as-boy-predator. With lust  in their eyes – and even one grabbing his leather-clad crotch – they salaciously leer at Colfer like a group of fat ladies eying the last piece of rump roast at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

But one could also deduce that it’s a ridiculous scenario, a parody at best – I mean, in the real world, a skinny hairless fembot like Colfer’s character would probably be laughed out of such a bear bar.  Bears stick to their ilk.

Depraved stereotypes or harmless satire,potato/poTAHto. Just get ME in there, pronto!



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