Idiot Box: It’s Brittany, Bitch!

On the NY Times home page today, photographer Todd Heisler gives us a behind-the-scenes slideshow of the upcoming season of GLEE with 21 stunning photos of the cast and crew on the set. Here's one of Heather Morris on a break, cycling around the studio lot: For the rest of the photos, click HERE. The … Continue reading Idiot Box: It’s Brittany, Bitch!

Might As Well JUMP (the Shark?)!

As an unabashedly proud, die hard GLEEK, the news that Ryan Murphy, creator and head honcho of GLEE, would be mounting a Broadway musical based on the show, should be a cause for jubilation. But why do I feel a wee unsettled?  GLEE has saturated the Pop Culture landscape, and I'm not sure how far … Continue reading Might As Well JUMP (the Shark?)!