Music Box: Argentina Just Wants To Have Fun

One of the evils of flying, so I'm told (I've flown a total of TWO times my entire life, and that counts the destination and the homecoming), here and abroad, is the often paralyzing, exasperating flight delays and/or cancellations that are pretty much the norm at all airports. How many of us (or you) will … Continue reading Music Box: Argentina Just Wants To Have Fun

Memory (A Song For Anne)

***** ***** I heard the voices beyond the mountains….the roar of magical laughter, as if the dark shroud of midnight has, at long last, enlightened from its dormancy to shine again. To see these faces again is to understand timelessness; to be in their presence was to feel how minute time really is. Facebook, as … Continue reading Memory (A Song For Anne)

Music Box: ♫♪ Johnette, I’m Not Angry Anymore…♫♪

***** The Joey allude of the headline aside, of course I hold no antagonism toward Johnette Napolitano. True, post-WALKING IN LONDON, Concrete Blonde’s releases mostly meandered through head-scratchers and curios, while Johnette’s contributions to the otherwise dire NO TALKING, JUST HEAD fiasco were that Talking Heads offshoot’s only (barely) palliative moments.  But anger? Of course … Continue reading Music Box: ♫♪ Johnette, I’m Not Angry Anymore…♫♪

Thank You…For Being A Friend

***** UPDATE March 11 via BETTY WHITE SNL Hosting Date Confirmed Now that over 480,000 Facebook fans have put in their request, Betty White will finally make an appearance on 'Saturday Night Live.' The 'Golden Girls' actress will host the show on May 8, WNBC News announced Thursday morning (via PEOPLE). The special Mother's Day … Continue reading Thank You…For Being A Friend