Music Box: Dolly Parton – Legendary Sparrow

Remove the glitz, de-glimmer the glamour, abandon the wigs, and disregard the tits (and forget the plastic surgery) and what you get in Dolly Parton is one of the singular greatest forces of nature in the history of Pop or Country – not only a singer for the ages, but a songwriter nonpareil. Of course the … Continue reading Music Box: Dolly Parton – Legendary Sparrow

Thank You…For Being A Friend

***** UPDATE March 11 via BETTY WHITE SNL Hosting Date Confirmed Now that over 480,000 Facebook fans have put in their request, Betty White will finally make an appearance on 'Saturday Night Live.' The 'Golden Girls' actress will host the show on May 8, WNBC News announced Thursday morning (via PEOPLE). The special Mother's Day … Continue reading Thank You…For Being A Friend