Music Box: Argentina Just Wants To Have Fun

One of the evils of flying, so I’m told (I’ve flown a total of TWO times my entire life, and that counts the destination and the homecoming), here and abroad, is the often paralyzing, exasperating flight delays and/or cancellations that are pretty much the norm at all airports. How many of us (or you) will be so lucky the next time your flight is postponed to have the timeless Cyndi Lauper waiting with you? And, ever more glorious, how many would be so honored to have her sing one of her signature classics to alleviate your discontent? That’s exactly what happened in a Buenos Aries airport a few days ago – as the festering frustrations began to mount, Lauper took to the mic. Thankfully, someone caught the magical moment with their phone.



And one has to think that if this happened in an American airport, Lauper would’ve been trampled to the ground and arrested by the security goons. Who would, no doubt, then ask her for her autograph and picture.

Oh, yeah. And if you haven’t already, PLEASE download/pickup/whatever it’s called these days Lauper’s 2010 Grammy-nominated Blues album, MEMPHIS BLUES. It is, quite simply, extraordinary.





Here’s a YouTube preview posted last year:



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