Imma Let You Finish, But Kanye West Has Some Of The Most Random Tweets Of All Time…Of ALL TIME

I can’t imagine any one of his 400,000+ Twitter followers (including yours truly) not having a chuckle or two (or twenty) at his oddball stream-of-consciousness (and, natch, pompous) tweets, – which are more akin to Tracy Morgan’s 30 ROCK Tracy Jordan persona than he’d probably ever like to admit – but suppose Kanye West’s twitter posts were matched with New Yorker cartoons…

Well, that’s what the funny guys at PAUL AND STORM imagined…and executed:

Yes, it’s true: Paul created the #kanyenewyorkertweets Twitter hashtag meme. We’re seriously thinking about changing the name of our act to The Meme Brothers.

Hot on the heels of Storm’s #wookieeleaks juggernaut, Paul’s insomnia and subsequent Twitter exchange with Josh Cagan led him to launch #newyorkerkanyetweets, a mashup of New Yorker cartoons and Twitter n00b Kanye West’s tweets. An e-mail interview with Paul about the meme’s appeal can be found at, and already it’s been picked up by  The Onion A/V Club,  Paste Magazine the Huffington Post, and, yes, The New Yorker.

Check ‘em out on Twitter, or in this handy gallery of mashups by Paul, Josh, and Storm…

Here are a few that are pretty darned perfect (I love that they kept all West’s typos intact):



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