Legacy: Sandy Hook

I can’t seem to stop the tears. It’s permeating…a brutal blow to the reality that is called living. I weep, along with the rest of the world, knowing that this isn’t the end; that the vampires will thrive and the ogres shall endure to wander this world; and innately good and innocent people – our children – will continue to be slaughtered.

How soon before the demon that possessed the evil Sandy Hook assassin will manifest itself into another infernal living vestibule and carry out more unparalleled, aching horror?

We, as merely mortal Homo sapiens, can only pray to a god that doesn’t exist…it comforts the soul; folklore sooths the agony for many. And that’s okay.

But I immerse myself in meditative thought and music. It may sound frivolous, but not any more so than praying to invisible gods in imaginary heavens.

I weep for the innocent lambs slaughtered by the wolves – I weep. What else is there for me to do?

I go to this piece in times like these…times that too often darken the skies of our world.

So, as you listen, bow your head in remembrance of the victims of this most heinous act – the innocents and the protectors:

  • Charlotte Bacon, 6
  • Daniel Barden, 7
  • Olivia Engel, 6
  • Josephine Gay, 7
  • Dylan Hockley, 6
  • Madeleine Hsu, 6
  • Catherine Hubbard, 6
  • Chase Kowalski, 7
  • Jesse Lewis, 6
  • Ana Marquez-Greene, 6
  • James Mattioli, 6
  • Grace McDonnell, 7
  • Emilie Parker, 6
  • Jack Pinto, 6
  • Noah Pozner, 6
  • Caroline Previdi, 6
  • Jessica Rekos, 6
  • Avielle Richman, 6
  • Benjamin Wheeler, 6
  • Allison Wyatt, 6
  • Rachel D’Avino, 29, teacher’s aide
  • Dawn Hochsprung, 47, principal
  • Anne Marie Murphy, 52, teacher’s aide
  • Lauren Rousseau, 30, teacher
  • Mary Sherlach, 56, school psychologist
  • Victoria Leigh Soto, 27, teacher

One comment

  1. Shots on a Playground

    There is no glitter on the ground
    Its only the color of blood being
    Washed away…
    I heard shots on the playground
    And when I woke I saw that it was
    Not just a dream…
    Where have we gone wrong…
    Children bringing guns to even up the playing field
    Has our world become completely unhinged…ooh
    I know where they live
    The ones who play hide and seek
    With our lives…
    Upon the mountains of money
    They make their killings on the backs
    Of your children…ooh
    Deny what you want to say
    But the truth is written in a spray of gunfire…
    Coz god is a bullet from what I’ve heard
    And there was no glitter
    today on the playground
    It was just a shouting
    mess of confusion…ooh
    So for those who like to pretend
    That more guns mean more protection
    Just look at Tucson…
    And tell me that that wasn’t
    a political blood letting…
    Ooh You stand on your chair
    Challenging those who
    dare to say NO more…
    Well thank you NRA
    for another child gone…
    If it wasn’t there before
    It will be there today…
    And if you wake up
    to hear your child crying
    I hope that they
    survive this nightmare…
    Coz last night I heard 32
    shots on the playground…

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