Too many people underestimate the totality of Christine McVie’s role in the dynasty that is Fleetwood Mac. While many of her songs are FM [and F.M.] classics, the importance of her contributions as an over-all factor is sometimes lost on the hordes of Stevie Nicks fanatics (of which I am one): in the classic Mac lineup, she was the middle ground – tying together the wispy, fairy god mother mysticism (and at times, flakiness) of Nicks and the avant-gardism of Lindsay Buckingham.  Hers were the straight-Pop gems – predominantly love songs, nothing more, nothing less…sung in her honey-dipped husky contralto – one of Rock ‘N Roll’s absolute sexiest voices.

In her 4+ decade career, McVie recorded only three solo albums, and only one while still technically in Fleetwood Mac (1970s CHRISTINE PERFECT, 1984s CHRISTINE McVIE, and 2004s IN THE MEANTIME).

While McVie never toured as a solo act, she has performed dates to promote her solo work. In this series of clips, McVie was promoting her (at that point) upcoming 1984 self-titled album. The lovely pop-infused record was released in January of 1984 and was a modest success. The album spawned two Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 hits (the #10 “Got A Hold On Me” and the #30  “Love Will Show Us How” which was released with a terrific video) and the LP peaked at #24 on Billboards Top 200.  This concert was recorded on December 16 1983 at the Country Club in LA.  Assisted by guitarist Todd Sharp, (future FM guitarist) Billy Burnett, bassist George Hawkins and drummer Steve Ferrone (all musicians who also played on her album) – along with special guest Mick Fleetwood – she performs a lively set of new songs and a few FM classics.

I have a great audio bootleg of this same concert, and missing here is footage of the 2 encores she performed after “Songbird”, the final selection on this video. They were “Say You Love Me” and “Over My Head”.  This concert was filmed as a TV special, so the final sequence is not the actual succession of the concert (this is done more-often-than-not in live concert videos/films). Here’s the actual track listing of the show that evening:

Love Will Show Us How
Keeping Secrets
The Challenge
Who’s Dreaming This Dream
I’m The One
So Excited
Don’t Stop
Got A Hold On Me/Band Intros
One In A Million
You Make Lovin Fun
World Turning
Say You Love Me
Over My Head

But even sans those two FM encores from the Mac’s classic 1975 FLEETWOOD MAC album, this was a wonderful concert…and makes one wish McVie would opt to tour solo more often…

In part 1, Christine performs “Love Will Show Us How”, “Keeping Secrets” and “The Challenge” – all from her CHRISTINE McVIE lp.

In part 2, she plays new tracks from her solo LP, are “Who’s Dreaming This Dream” and “I’m The One

In part 3, Christine performs “So Excited”, “Got A Hold On Me”, introduces the band, then “One In A Million

Here in part 4, McVie sings her signature Fleetwood Mac hits “You Make Loving Fun” and “Don’t Stop

Part 5 is “World Turning” with some insane solos with help from Mick Fleetwood

Part 6 is a lovely “Songbird”, from RUMOURS. I wish the closing credits didn’t roll mid-performance, but it doesn’t negate the beautiful moment…