Music Box: Stevie Nicks – Silent Night Suite

Here is a video I put together called “Silent Night Suite”. It begins with an excerpt of an old MTV special about the making of the classic A Very Special Christmas album (which includes an interview with Stevie and album producer Jimmy Iovine), and then the actual full footage/interview of Iovine’s interview. The sterling live version (with two-hit wonder Robbie Nevil lending his vocal), was performed on the A Very Special Christmas concert TV special that aired on CBS in 1987. Hosted by Fame actress Nia Peeples, it featured some of the album’s artists performing their tracks. The show closed with “Silent Night”. When Stevie sings with her long-time backup singers Lori Perry-Nicks and Sharon Celani, the result is always stunningly ethereal, and here is no exception…blending with Robbie’s call-and-response, this live version is actually more exquisite than the recorded version, and sweeps you away into another dimension.

Open your eyes, and you see a Rock ‘N Roll queen sing in celebration. Close your eyes and you are encompassed by the beauty of the song, the luxurious harmony, and the spirit of the holidays.

Merry Nicksmas and Happy Holidays to all!

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