Music Box: Meet The Old Boss, Same As The, Errr, Old Boss…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRUCE!  Rock ‘N’ Roll Savior.  The Boss.  The “Future Of Rock And Roll”.  Senior Citizen?

I know.  As hard as it is to believe, Bruce Springsteen hit the BIG SIX-O, and to celebrate, he joined the elite list of Rock icons to have graced the cover of the senior citizen bible, AARP Magazine – the bi-monthly magazine that’s issued to every member of AARP.

Okay, to be fair, the AARP isn’t an organization directed only at senior citizens – it’s an organization for folks who hit the big FIVE-O and over.

But that’s not really the point.  One can say that to admit a legend or an icon’s aging is to ponder within your very own soul and realize the truths you sometimes don’t want to admit.

Or, we can accept those truths and be thrilled that by the grace within that aforementioned ‘own soul’, and by the power of those you love and who love you, embrace it.  As AARP editor Nancy Perry Graham said:

We put Bruce on the cover first and foremost because he was turning 60,” she said. “Like the rest of America, we found that to be inspiring. Looking at Bruce, he really personifies our message at AARP that attitude matters more than age.

Well-said, Nancy (click to read the Bruce AARP MAGAZINE article).

I’m 20 years behind Bruce and don’t think about old age often.  Or I try not to.


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