Despite lyrics that sing, “There’s a she-wolf in your closet, open up and let her free…let it out so it can breathe…”  there’s nothing closeted here.  What makes Andrew Foster’s proudly gay, almost frame-for-frame cover of Shakira’s totally stupid “She-Wolf” video so refreshing is that, where Shakira took her unintentionally hilarious choreography way too seriously (which, considering how disjointed and spastic it was/is, elevates the funny even more), Foster has no illusions of grandeur: he knows he’s emaciated, goofy, a bad lip-syncer, and about as sexy a dancer as skidmarks on a tutu.

This isn’t genius, of course, but unlike most video homages/tributes that have polluted YouTube these past few years, at the very least it’s enjoyable on those levels.

And at the very least, it has to be more entertaining than the upcoming werewolf-saturated “Twilight” sequel, no?