I know it appears that, seemingly, My New Boyfriend is morphing from a momentary place for hilarity and levity to a political ranting pit stop.  My apologies, but I can’t deter my passions sometimes.  So, to even things out, here’s a juxtaposition of both.

Here, in 3 minutes, is last night’s Nashville Presidential debate/song and dance.  Usually, when asked “So, who won the debate?” my answer is “Whoever you’re voting for”.  Last nights victor was this brilliant young man from New York named Michael.  You need to spelunk his YouTube page for other strokes of genius.  Check it out here ~  SCHMOYOHO

Enjoy.  And one last thing ~ I dare you to just try to STOP humming “Who’s gonna work it out, baby, who’s gonna work it out…” It won’t work.   Oh, and if you wanna to sing along (and you will), he has the lyrics on his YouTube page~