Legacy: Andy Warhol

Once upon a time, in a galaxy…well, not really that far far away, the “M” in MTV stood for “Music.” No, really. And not merely mainstream Top 40 either. Yes, black artists were eschewed in the early days for the appeal of its predominantly white demographic (until Michael Jackson blew away that steel lily-white wall) … Continue reading Legacy: Andy Warhol

Music Box: John Lennon – Still Watching The Wheels

I cannot remember a time in my life where I could sleep in silence. To drift into timelessness, there must be the delicate sounds of human language…music never helped either, and still doesn't…it has to be conversations in the dark, like angels converging in my timespace. Now, and since the genesis of my adulthood, I … Continue reading Music Box: John Lennon – Still Watching The Wheels