Who me?

man. writer. romantic. atheist. husband. idealist. optimist. pessimist. brother. friend. uncle. son. pacifist. fighter. dieter. foodie. cynic. dreamer. sojourner. weirdo. superhero. addict. angel. devil. individual. saint. sinner. enigma. singer. poet. independent. progressive. muse. logician. brooklynite. enthusiast. homosexual. sapiosexual. survivor.


  1. Stevie , I have been listing and you’ve always Moved my soul and spirit into a wonderful place !! No other than You could 😇 🙂 Since 1970 , I made it threw Soo much “ Stuff “ with you’re awesome Special Talent to Write and Sing unlike any other that could 🙂 Ever !! God Bless You , Always, ’ Love You 😇💕 Always’ , Thank You ~~~~ you’re Soo Special ^^^^ and I am blessed to have experienced You’re Special Peace , You’ve brought to Many ~~~~ Again , I Thank You 😇 ^ ^

  2. angelo colon, if this is you, you were my bestie summer of 84/85 . Lily used to work @ girl loves boy. find me on FB am friends with Area’s desmond, joey arias, missoni lanzardi, yuseff smythe, girl loves buy has a page.

  3. Hi, I saw you posted some Kim Carnes music videos on Youtube. I’m a collector of music videos, wondering if you are interested in a trade? I have over 3,000 music videos from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s to choose from. Can send list via email. Willing to answer all questions before hand, I only try to collect the best so the quality of my music videos are high (unless stated otherwise.) If interested please email me at rbyqn7@aol.com and entitle it music videos so I will know to open it. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks. Sincerely, Robert 🙂

  4. Hi there…i saw you posted the video for Kim Carnes Say You Don’t Know Me. Do you happen to have the mp3 of that song? Am looking for that one and Love Comes From Unexpected Places.

    Have a blessed day!

  5. i saw what you wrote on towleroad about lady gag me. couldn’t agree more.

    damn queens will buy into anything, apparently.

  6. he sat behind me – we used to drool on each other,
    when i say drool i don’t mean from the mouth.
    maybe we used to spit at each other. or maybe it’s spirt (squirt)
    im gunna puke.

    same day same day every day’s a same day.

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