The Blog Is Dead…Long Live The Blog!

Blogging is dead, so they say. And, they so say because it’s true. In a staccato world, no one wants to take the time to read meandering thoughts or verbose musings.

And, with that, sad to say, so goes My New Boyfriend – sorta. I surmise it’s no mammoth surprise, as I’ve scarcely posted anything these past few years. Between life, marriage, near-death, work, and social media, time is scattered too thin.

It’s bittersweet. Once upon a time, I wanted to publish a blog that millions of people read, and share with the world my prodigious trove of archives, as well as share my thoughts on life and love and entertainment. Even gave politics a go in a few posts. Hell, even a decade ago I wrote about my lack of blogging (which was written a few year before I actually was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue/Epstein-Barr! How’s that for irony?).

But also, as time progressed, I epiphanized (is that a word?) that despite those afflictions, I hadn’t the time within a day to accomplish what I wanted with blogging.

But, I’m still active and alive – albeit, on a more social media and YouTube plane of existence. (I’ve privatized nearly a hundred previous posts that originally existed here, too. Many were political, some personal, others because I didn’t like what I initially wrote – I’ve always been in desperate need of an editor!. But the rest will live on here. And some of these I will re-publish on social media, too.)

So, in lieu of flowers, please send followers – including yourself – to the following – where I post more frequently, and will do so even more moving forward:

On IG, I’m here: EverybodyLovesJeffrey

My new YouTube page is here: My New Boyfriend YouTube

Here are a few older YouTube pages as well. My very first YT account, WireDream, as well as my subsequent one, JeffreyChrist, were both deleted when I “violated” one too many of their rules. So, my millions of views (seriously) were gone in a nanosecond. (And I was the first one to post the classic Aretha “Nessun Dorma” video, that over half a million views alone!). I stopped posting on these pages due to too many of those violations. Some of these videos will be re-encoded at a higher resolution and added to both my IG and new YT page above, but nothing that is copyrighted. Any new stuff posted will be never-before-seen footage of rare interviews or live performances. I do not want to be in violation again (I really used that word a lot in this paragraph!). Anyway, enjoy these while you can:

JeffreyChrist Is Alive (With all due respect, my YT name is NOT jeffrey CHRIST IS ALIVE. I am a non-believer. The moniker is JEFFREYCHRIST is alive. As noted earlier, one of my first accounts, ‘jeffreychrist,’ was deleted, so I created a new one to let everyone know, at the time, that I live on, albeit with a different name.)

The Real JeffreyChrist

The JeffreyChrist

I Am Jeffrey Christ

So, that’s it. Here’s to the end of blogging, but I’ll see you on the other side!

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