Music Box: Stevie Nicks ~ Cheaper Than Free (featuring Dave Stewart)

Queen of Rock N Roll, Stevie Nicks, is set to release her first solo (non-live) studio CD since 2001’s TROUBLE IN SHANGRI-LA on May 3rd. Her 7th solo CD, IN YOUR DREAMS is a collaboration with legendary producer/songwriter/genius/ex-Eurythmic Dave Stewart. It’s a collection we Stevie’s fanatic’s have been waiting for for over a decade…

IN YOUR DREAMS track listing

1. “Secret Love”
2. “For What It’s Worth”
3. “In Your Dreams”
4. “Wide Sargasso Sea”
5. “New Orleans”
6. “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)”
7. “Annabel Lee”
8. “Soldier’s Angel”
9. “Everybody Loves You”
10. “Ghosts Are Gone”
11. “You May Be the One”
12. “Italian Summer”
13. “Cheaper Than Free”
14. “My Heart” (UK Bonus Track)

iTunes offered this free video download from the album, “Cheaper Than Free”, a trifle, sure, but sweetly built on Stevie and Dave’s 2-part harmony…

Can May 3rd get here ANY FASTER?!?



  1. Love the song and the video makes it look like stevie is finally Happy…smiles and all…I love that you posted it for us…my gypsy friend…

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