Music Box: In 1997, Fleetwood Mac Danced Again

Fleetwood Mac The Dance


It would have been easy, even in 1997, to discount Fleetwood Mac’s Phoenix-from-the-flame resurrection. Yes, it had been, at that point, almost 7 years since their last quasi-hit album, the Top 20 Buckingham-less BEHIND THE MASK, and a full decade since their last Top 10 (1987s TANGO IN THE NIGHT).  Their last #1, MIRAGE, was in 1982. But the Mac’s legend supersedes such frivolities. One should never underestimate the power of hundreds of millions of sold albums, or a Rock n Roll soap opera nonpareil.  Fleetwood Mac might have been dinosaurs by the late 1990s, but they were far from extinct.

Of course, with all the turmoil that imploded the band, it was a pipe dream for any ardent Mac fan to ever hope that the classic line-up – obviously its most artistic, and not to mention, lucrative – would ever reform.  McVie retired in her English castle, Buckingham was busy with his own career, and Nicks had her own solo career with varying degrees of success, half of which was riddled with drug addiction and recovery.

This lineup’s last public performance was at the request of the White House. Throughout his campaign for president, Bill Clinton used “Don’t Stop” as his official theme song, and President-elect Clinton requested the Mac perform it at his 1993 inauguration.  But reuniting wasn’t even on their radar.

But, reunite they did, and the result was a wonderful live album called The Dance. The Grammy-nominated CD hit #1 and a refreshed, healthy, sober and exhilarating Fleetwood Mac embarked upon a comeback for the ages, mounting a monumentally successful tour and reigniting the world’s passion for the classic assemblage.

In the following clips, Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are interviewed in North Hollywood, California, during their rehearsals that begot the CD and live TV concert. The interview took place on April 18 1997.

Enjoy these rare, behind the scenes interviews and performances from Fleetwood Mac!



  1. I found your video’s on youtube. And then I read this blogpost. Thank you for uploading! It’s amazing footage and I love the obvious chemistry between Lindsey and Stevie.

  2. I love all your stevie stuff…esp: the rock a little interview…I want a copy of “Sister Honey” I have always loved that song…I play it in the car and blast it so loud…Sisssta….

  3. Awesome stuff! It’s great to see some rare footage. I would love to see any other clips from this era of the band! 🙂

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