“STRAIGHT. It’s the new GAY”

I’ve never heard of Steve Hughes before coming across this clip posted by one of my Facebook groups, WIPEOUT HOMOPHOBIA ON FACEBOOK, and according to his Wikipedia page, he was a member/founder of various thrash metal bands through the 80s and 90s in his native Australia. Such genre bands are not exactly the bastions of thought-provoking tolerance, nor, I surmise, fun-loving, daffy, slap-my-knee hilarious all-inclusive jesters. Knowing his history after-the-fact, it came as a delightful surprise at how funny Hughes is. After watching this clip, I found myself spelunking YouTube for other Hughes posts, which are aplenty, and I’ve been laughing all morning.

In this clip, focusing on the hard-edged, fag-bashing culture that is Thrash Metal, the heterosexual Hughes makes the brilliant distinction between what is considered to be “gay” and what constitutes pure masculinity. You might be surprised at how correct he is.

Could “That’s so straight!” be the new “That’s so gay!”?  Or as Hughes more steadfastly puts it, “Straight. It’s the new gay.”


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