Music Box: Phoenix Rising?


For all I know, French band Phoenix is the latest Hipster Band Of The Moment.  Of course, that’s speculative on my part because I’ve yet to hear their latest CD “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (hey, a little self-aggrandizing album title never hurt anyone) and am only familiar with them by their rather wonky performances on “Saturday Night Live” a few months back.

But, browsing YouTube as I love to do on a lazy Saturday, I came across this rather cool fan-generated vid (via thepinkbismuth) that mashes their catchy-as-hell song “Lisztomania” with choreography courtesy John Hughes’ “The Breakfast Club”.  Upon further research (okay, I merely glanced at the  RELATED VIDEO box directly to the right of it after reading his video info) I soon learned that this particular clip was  a video response to the second clip below, another fan-generated juxtaposition, only in that case, YouTuber avoidantconsumer spliced scenes of various cheesy 80’s Brat Pack films for the BRAT PACK MASHUP.  Both made me happy.  Happy Sunday~


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