Run Like Hell

I'm not a marathon fan, per se (please! If I run around the block, call 911!), and never heard of Reflex Spray, but this is a brilliant marketing from Contrapunto, an ad agency based in Barcelona Spain. (Click to enlarge.)


MAMMA MIA! IRON LADY + Streep = Oscar?

I have little doubt that THE IRON LADY, the new biopic of former UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, will feature another transcendent performance in Meryl Streep's already platinum canon, and rumor has it that it's an Oscar-caliber role that could garner her a long-delayed 3rd victory. The most nominated actress in Oscar history (with 2 … Continue reading MAMMA MIA! IRON LADY + Streep = Oscar?

Who’s Down With A.D.D.? Yeah You Know Me!

  I've been a bad blogger, I know.  Kinda funny, too, is that back in December I made a since-reneged vow to myself to blog at least ONE post every day in the new some self-dedication in my minuscule corner of the Internet.  So much for reverence of allegiance. But, even though I've been … Continue reading Who’s Down With A.D.D.? Yeah You Know Me!