Music Box: George Michael, Waiting For That Day…

Now everybody’s talking about this new decade…
Like, you say the magic numbers then just say goodbye to
the stupid mistakes you made…

Oh, my memory…serves me far too well…

Words written by the late, great George Michael at the end of the 1980s, to herald in the last decade of the 20th century. Released on his majestic “Listen Without Prejudice” album in 1990, it evokes a melancholia, seeped in nostalgia, tinged in slight regret and perhaps dashed with a soupçon of hope.

That George isn’t here to herald in the imminent decade of this 21st century is still an anvil that lay on the hearts of his devoted fans. He died three years ago, yesterday.

I was at this Rock for the Rainforest benefit concert, which took place on March 2, 1993, at Carnegie Hall, here in New York City, and this short clip of his performance (it’s NOT the full song, unfortunately) doesn’t really showcase how powerful and how gorgeous it truly was to witness a man at the peak of his vocal prowess. The sound is somewhat tinny, as this particular clipped recording if from an isolated mic, and missing the full acoustic effect of the band and background singers.

Not that you really notice too much; you still watch, in marvel. I’ll write about the whole show in a future post (I have some clips of many of the performances, including video of George and Sting’s “Every Breath You Take,” also only a clip, but still thrilling to see) but wanted to share this rare, special moment with George’s fans.

“But if I have to carry this pain…
If you will not share the blame..

I deserve to see your face again…”

We all do, George. And we’re all waiting for that day.


  1. It’s so raw, my all time favourite sing of his. Stripped down bare, naked and raw. I need to process this new sound. Stunned. X.

  2. thank you, this is one of my favorites songs of YOG, maybe can you take the song every breat you take? on this same convert. Thank you.

    • What can anyone say other than…LOVE 💘 is where it is…
      Good luck figuring out what LOVE 💘is darlin’ loves…

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