Music Box: Happy Birthday George Michael – 1991 ‘Cover to Cover’ Tour Performances

George Michael’s Cover to Cover tour came to Madison Square Garden for two sold out nights on October 25th and 26th, in 1991. It was only his second solo concert tour and his first trip back to the Garden in three years.

This was not a tour to support his now-classic Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 CD, which came out in September of 1990, to mixed reviews and disappointing sales (in the United States), despite another #1 (“Praying For Time”). It was a beautifully crafted, mostly somber, more sophisticated selection of songs than his ‘pop star’ fan base expected. But rather, Cover to Cover paid tribute to his favorite songs, interwoven with some of his own gorgeous catalogue (including a few Prejudice selections).

While his sales may have dipped in America, his concert tour was still a massive draw, and that was due to Michael’s still strong star power, and of course, those superlative vocals. This tour boasted over 30 songs, and Michael was relentless in showcasing the legend he was soon to become – he danced, he crooned, he grooved, and clearly demonstrated his master class in styling, from Motown to British Soul to Pop Rock.

This following footage of “Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone” and “Victims” was not a professionally shot concert video, but was recorded to be used later as B-Roll footage for any imminent George Michael news reports. So you’ll see the camera at a far distance at times, or George walking out of frame. Also, the audio is not pristine or mastered, resulting in a slightly tinny sound.

Nevertheless, it captures a rare moment in George’s tour history.

And it’s here for you to enjoy on what would have been his 56th birthday.

3 thoughts on “Music Box: Happy Birthday George Michael – 1991 ‘Cover to Cover’ Tour Performances

    1. Unfortunately, this is the only footage I have from the C2C tour. But please come back, as I have other rare George Michael footage I will be uploading!

      1. The upload from Rainforest concert was a big surprise.Maybe you also have captured the duet of George Michael with Sting called every breath you take from that night.I am a huge fan of George and i would like to know the rare footage of George that you own.

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