Music Box: Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks Live 2002

Sheryl & Stevie
Sheryl & Stevie

On March 6th, 2002, Sheryl Crow filmed a concert for TV benefiting Breast Cancer Awareness (it aired later that year). She invited the Queen of Rock N Roll (Stevie Nicks, of course!) to perform with her on a few songs.

Strong Enough
Come On, Come On
The Difficult Kind
Midnight Rider (Allman Brothers cover)

At the end of “Midnight Rider,” you can see Stevie mouthing to Sheryl, “I think we should do…” suggesting that she wasn’t happy with the performance. So, they re-recorded “The Difficult Kind” and “Midnight Rider” (Stevie missed a cue during one chorus on this second try and looked adorable when she realized it), and then part of “The Difficult Kind” for a third time (they missed a verse – and needed to re-record it).

These are rare performances – so enjoy!

Strong Enough/Sorcerer

Come On, Come On

The Difficult Kind/Midnight Rider Take 1

The Difficult Kind/Midnight Rambler Take 2 / Difficult Kind Take 3


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