Where No Man Has Gone Before


It’s often said that people with a particular talent wish for a talent they didn’t possess. Singers wanting to act, actors wanting to sing, etc. I’m not sure what my innate talent is, but one thing I’ve always desired was the ability to draw, to illustrate. I never needed to be a Dali or a da Vinci or a Monet. I used to draw my own comic books during my childhood – probably age 12-15 – and that’s what my earliest dreams were. My love of comics stopped when I reached about 15, when music consumed my life, then dance and the arts. But I won’t deny those early-years fantasies of comic allure.

Anyway, I digress. Basically I always wanted to draw. So when I saw this, those nostalgic feelings washed over me. I don’t know why – it’s not as if I wanted to – or ever did – draw STAR TREK characters. And there are millions of talented artists, unheralded and unknown. Perhaps it’s this artist’s style, or perhaps it’s his dedication to comic pop art. Whatever the unexplained reasons, I was fascinated by this.

I’m not one of those STAR TREK fanatics who can quote every episode. That would be my brothers, Sean, Scott and Brian – they’re not “Trekkies,” insomuch they ever frequented Star Trek conventions or wore pointy ears, but they (we, really) adore the show and appreciate that it’s an integral part of our childhood. They’ve seen each episode hundreds of times over the years.

This fantastic illustration (click both to enlarge) by artist Dusty Abell renders almost at least one character of every  STAR TREK (classic 79 series) episode, plus an equally fantastic key diagram, detailing character name and episode. Writes Adell:

Here’s a key to all 123 individual characters, creatures and craft in my Classic Trek poster. Along with thier names, i’ve included the show titles from the original 79 episodes and the pilot that each person, entity, structure or ship made it’s or their first appearance in. I hope this is helpful in identifying anyone you might not recognize.

Such awesome talent, such stunning detail. It will keep any Trek fan – casual or passionate – busy for hours.

To see more of Dusty’s talent and work (and for a detailed explanation for the above), go to his Deviant Art home page here: DUSTY ABELL. Enjoy the ride.


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