Election 2012? Simple. Progress Over Regress. Hope Over Hate.

Hope Over Hate

Polls are an infuriating fact in politics. Watching the major news networks over the past weeks, the constant reversing of Obama/Romney surges is mind numbing. One day the pollsters have Romney ahead, the next day it’s Obama who’s leading, then back to Romney, etc.  It’s a dizzying circle dance. With only weeks away until the election, it’s still too close a call to predict.

I don’t believe in polls – even when Obama commanded a lead early on, I advised my friends, both Democrat and Republican, that they shouldn’t take stock in the numbers because they can, do, and will continue to turn on a dime.

This has been such a contentious election process that whoever wins the Presidency, I’m sure the numbers will be close – and one of the parties will merely eke out a victory, with nary a landslide in sight.

If you believe the country is in a better position than we were four years ago (as I do), then you will cast your vote for President Obama.

But even that isn’t enough for me. Nor, for me, is it about Right vs. Left.  It isn’t about Democrat vs. Republican or about Conservative vs. Liberal.

This election isn’t even about the “economy.” The economics of our country, it could be argued, is almost cyclical (and if you think a President Mitt Romney will be – or for that matter, a President John McCain would have been – better at fixing the Bush administration’s disastrous legacy, I have a Kenyan birth certificate with Obama’s name on it to sell you. For your very own framed copy – and for the low price of your soul – contact Donald Trump). It isn’t even about putting people back to work (which, despite his detractors’ constant mendacity, Obama has increasingly – if not exponentially – succeeded in doing). And, for me, it isn’t about Romneycare…errr, sorry, I mean, Obamacare.

As a man with a conscience, yes, there is a myriad of reasons not to vote for the harmful, hateful and staggeringly regressive Romney/Ryan ticket…

…I mean, of course I can write exhaustively about the Romney/Ryan campaign against women, collectively or individually; how they want to dominate the female population’s bodies and control their reproductive organs – raping them of humanity. Whether it be Ryan’s terroristic support of the oft-called “Let Women Die” bill (which allows hospitals – even in life-saving circumstances – to refuse women emergency abortions), or his anti-choice record (not a single pro-choice vote in his nearly 50 as a Congressman); whether it is this ticket’s sickening anti-Planned Parenthood position, or Romney’s support of the ridiculous “Life at Conception” constitutional amendment; whether it’s Romney’s support to reverse Roe v. Wade, or Ryan’s “The method of conception doesn’t change the definition of life” verbiage regarding rape. Or worse – his co-sponsorship with Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin of the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” – you remember that one, right? The “statutory rape” vs. “forcible rape” bill? (It is mind-boggling to me how any woman can support two men – a political party, really – who desire such control over their bodies. A week can’t go by without another (male) Republican spewing such uneducated or repulsive or offensive commentary regarding women’s health issues.)

Of course I could write extensively on the dangerous policies and practices of these two demagogues re: science, evolution, Social Security, Medicaid, the environment, the elderly, and equal pay for women. I could go on and on and on (and on). It’s not an epiphany to anyone, really, that the modern Republican Party is ratified (imprisoned, really) by the bowel movement known as the Tea Party, so of course Romney has willingly accepted their faux (anything to get the Nazi negro Muslim socialist out of the White House) adoration. Fuck you women, gays, minorities and immigrants of America. That he is quite possibly the most flip-flopping chameleonic politician in modern history should give anyone mammoth pause. So, no need to tell me…of course there are important and multitudinous, crucial and historic issues at stake.

But as a gay man with a conscience this just might be the most significant and urgent election in my lifetime regarding the evolution of equality, and that’s what, au fond, defines my vote.

So, you see, it’s quite simple. Progress over Regress. Hope over Hate. That’s why I’m voting for Barack Hussein Obama and Joe Biden.

Voting for the Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan ticket is your absolutely basic fundamental right as an American and your decision.

But if you support the Romney/Ryan team, please – PLEASE -don’t try to convince yourself that you love your gay friends as much as you say you do, because you don’t – it’s antithetical in it’s very nature. And you trying to assure yourself otherwise is you merely lying to, well, you.

This Republican ticket hates your gay friends and your gay family members. Romney and Ryan hate me. Not only do they demonize our basic humanity, they want to strip us – your gay family, children, friends, Americans – of what little equal rights we have and will barricade any equal rights we are trying to acquire.

Equal rights, not special rights.

It goes beyond guilt by association – by casting your vote and supporting them, you are  sanctioning them to monstrify your gay friends, your gay children and your gay family – Americans. You are supporting a Presidential ticket that devalues gay men and women – me, your friends, your children, your family, AMERICANS – as second-class citizens. You are voting for two men who denigrate our lives – mine, your friends, your family, your children, AMERICANS – as less than! You are helping put into office the most socially backsliding Presidential ticket in recent history – one that promises to raze any progress that has been made in the past four years.

You say you love us, yet you’re voting for a ticket that supports the Federal Marriage Amendment. You say you love us, yet you are voting for a ticket that opposes the Hate Crimes Act. You say you love us, yet you will vote a Presidential ticket who signed SPLC noted hate group, NOM’s (National Organization for Marriage) pledge against marriage equality. You say you love us, yet you are voting for two men who want to revoke hospital visitation rights for gay spouses/couples. You say you love us, yet you’re casting your votes for a Presidential ticket that supports DOMA. You say you love us, yet you’re voting for a ticket that opposes adoption by gay couples. You say you love us, yet you’re voting for a ticket that has drafted a bill to exempt a religious group from nondiscrimination rules, allowing them to ban adoption by gay couples. You say you love us, yet you support a ticket that opposes ENDA. You say you love us, yet you’re voting for a ticket that will appoint anti-equality Supreme Court justices. You say you love, us yet you are voting for a ticket who will reinstate the repealed military DADT policy, which even many Republicans have denounced. (Romney’s anti-gay policies shouldn’t come as a surprise; as a prep school student in the 1960s, he gay-bashed a fellow student.)

You say you love us, yet you are willingly and excitingly voting for two men who believe me – your gay family, your gay children, your gay friends, gay AMERICANS – to be subhuman.

This is your idea of love? Forgive my candor, but you’re destroying us with that love. Is ‘the economy’ really a powerful enough reason to trade the value of our dignity and civil rights?

Our equality is in your hands.

If you’ve made it this far and are the least bit offended, well, good. It wasn’t my intention, of course – I merely needed to stress the hazard of this Presidential ticket – that you willfully embrace – to your gay friends, your gay children, your gay family, and gay Americans. But if it makes you think about your actions and what those actions will do to us, then I have no regrets, I suppose, no matter if it swayed you or merely caused you pause.

If you’re reading this on Facebook or from Twitter and you choose to delete me from your friends list, then, I suspect we were never friends after all. I won’t do that. Because, despite this, I still love you.

But there is no debate. Facts are facts: your support and championing for a President Romney is supporting and championing the degradation of gay American citizens.  Your gay friends. Your gay children. Your gay family.

There’s a very good chance that Mitt Romney will be the 45th President of the United States of America. I accept that, the world will continue to spin, and life will go on. But it will be a dark time for me and every other gay American.

So, if we’re a little bitter for awhile (like when we don’t invite you to our weddings) please be understanding, more understanding than you were when you placed your vote.

Our equality was in your hands.


P.S. Here are a bunch of other reasons why I’m voting my way:

What The Fuck Has Obama Done So Far?


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